Pierre Alechinsky (born in 1927)

Pierre Alechinsky

Does Pierre Alechinsky still need an introduction? Is it necessary to write that he is, at the beginning of the 21st century, one of the most renowned contemporary painters in the world? Besides, like a symbol, he received in July 2018 the Praemium Imperiale, equivalent to what could be an “Art Nobel Prize”. This is a fair reward for this man whose character stays intact. He was born in Brussels in 1927 and he joined the legendary movement CoBrA in 1949. What follows goes without saying: hangings in prestigious museums, all over the world! His beautiful passion for printmaking, rendered into fifty years of collaboration with the Atelier Clot, Bramsen & Georges needs mentioning. His last lithographs, also made in the famous Parisian workshop, are exposed in the Cristel Editeur d’Art Center in Saint-Malo.