Louis Vuillermoz (1923-2016)

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Here is a man who spanned an entire century with a paintbrush in his hand! A long life as an artist, first marked by the Second Prix de Rome for painting in 1947. However, Louis Vuillermoz wasn’t just a painter; he was also a watercolorist, draftsman and decorator, to the extent that he was chosen to decorate twenty-two 1st class cabins and the luxury “Savoie” apartment on the liner France. At the same time, he ran a lithograph workshop, overseeing his own prints like no one else, which were always highly colorful and poetic, sometimes in the fantastic vein. He won the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris for his watercolors, the Prix Puvis de Chavannes and the Grand Prix Nationale des Artistes Animaliers Édouard Sandoz.

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Works of Louis Vuillermoz

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