Andrée Bordeaux-Le Pecq (1910-1973)

“If one had to summarize the eclectic and warm work of Andrée Bordeaux-Le Pecq, they would categorize it in three periods: realist, neo-cubist and synthetic”, Lydia Harambourg suggests in her Dictionnaire des peintres. L’École de Paris, 1945-1965. MWay to remember that this committed artist, founder of the exhibition “Comparaisons” in 1955 and of the first worldwide Naive Art Museum in Laval, chose early on a harmonious work, far from the abstraction of her time. Jean Cassou, famous art historian, found in her paintings “an air of candour and freedom”. She may have exhibited all over the world, but she remained attached to Brittany. She even illustrated with 24 burins Les Pierres m’ont dit, the book by Théophile Briant.