Christian Caillard


Christian CAILLARD

More than others, Christian Caillard was a travelling painter; he went around the world several times between 1929 and 1973. This explains why he left an abundant work behind, filled with different themes and different styles. Thus, he had a “mauresque” period, with warm yet muted colours. There was his “exotic” period, canvases vibrating under the sun. There was his “oriental” period, discreetly soft and sensual. There was his “Parisian” period where this masterful painter, winner of the Blumenthal Prize in 1934, came back to the unforgettable lessons of Maurice Loutreuil, his friend and teacher. But critics also know Christian Caillard had an authentic Breton period, linked to different stays and to his never dried-up taste for thick and solid countryside. At the very end of Europe, this tireless traveller had found his haven of peace.