Paul Guiramand (1926-2007)

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He shared with Picasso what a thousand other painters envied: the interest and admiration of the immense art critic Pierre Cabanne, twice his biographer. The story of a friendship, no doubt, but also one of style and talent, for Paul Guiramand, awarded the Prix de Rome in 1952, was the epitome of a polymorphous creator, as at ease in front of a canvas as in front of the soft varnish of a large copper. Not to mention lithographic stones, which did much for his public reputation… And nothing is said about his latest passion, mosaics. It confirmed his taste for materials as well as his attention to detail. As a fine and learned artist, Paul Guiramand was haunted by history, by Italy, by the memory of Masaccio and Piero della Francesca.

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