ERRÓ (born in 1932)

Erró, whose real name is Guðmundur Guðmundsson –a Viking’s name, without a doubt–was born in Iceland on 19 July 1932, spent his childhood as a fisherman and a farmer in an atypical landscape made of volcanos and bare mountains. He was already a prodigy at that time: he was always found with a pencil in his hand, tirelessly drawing. At only sixteen years old, the future Erró was explaining that he wanted to become an artist in the Morgunblaðið columns! It was a powerful and irrepressible calling that led him to get a drawing teacher diploma in from the School of Fine Arts of Reykjavik in 1951 “with the highest grade ever received in Iceland”! He was taking off.

In a way, the rest is history. hat of an extraordinary creator, once introduced as “the most prolific artist since Picasso” by Guy Scarpetta. Erró, who is generally affiliated to the Narrative figuration movement, indeed multiplied surprising “world representations”, often in the shape of colourful and spectacular frescos; in these, he casually mixed universes that no one before him would have dared bringing together. For instance, he represented Walt Disneycharacters such as Snow White at the arm of one of the many tyrants that the 20th century brought. One can also find manga heroes running through Renaissance memories, or even a distraught Christ preaching among a ludicrous and noisy crowd. Erró’s work is a confrontation of genres and times;

to quote anthropologist Marc Augé, he is a “mythical painter”, a tireless demiurge that continuously illustrates the myths of our time.
Erró has been collaborating with Cristel Editeur d’Art regularly since 2012. In 2015, he granted us the immense honour to showcase some of his paintings in our art centre in Saint-Malo.