Lars Nørgård (born in 1956)

Forever, Lars Nørgård will stay the author of the biggest coloured lithograph in the world, patiently printed in Paris, in the Atelier Clot, Bramsen & Georges and exposed in Saint-Malo at the Cristel Editeur d’art Centre. It is important to add, for his admirers that he was born in Denmark in 1956 and was educated at the School of Applied Arts of Copenhagen before joining the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. This joint honours degree explains why this man has long drawn from surrealism and expressionism. A very personal work emerged from this, which we dare call “boreal”–a gesture surprisingly firm, a blend of cold and warm colours reviving something from the great winds coming from the north… Now, around twenty museums around the world exhibit the beautiful and singular work by Lars Nørgård.