Mark Brusse. The Hand and the Sea exhibition

from 11 July to 13 September 2014

Mark Brusse. The hand and the Sea exhibition gathers around thirty works at the Cristel Editeur d’Art Centre. This outstanding artist, exhibited in more than fifty museums around the world–he also made monumental works erected on four continents–lived his childhood in Alkmaar, Holland, in a world of shores, beaches and winds. Then, after his education at the School of Fine Arts of Arnhem, he went after his destiny, and quickly exhibited his works as a painter and a sculptor. His first personal exhibition? It was in Paris in 1961. Then there was a striking personal exhibition in 1968 in the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam. Since 1987, this tireless traveller draws on Korean paper (hanji). His work is colourful, inimitable, both a soft and strong poetry.

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