Daniele Steardo (born in 1976)

Daniele Steardo was born and grew up in Genoa, sea city loved by numerous painters, including Émile Bernard. But after he enrolled in the Fine Arts School of the city, he wanted to be a sculptor. He even went to Carrara to continue his studies where he tackled marble like no one else; he got his first commission for Milan in 2006: a monumental marble set in Bruzzano district. Then, without giving sculpture up, he quickly asserted himself as a prodigious painter who discovered drawing during a seminar in Augsburg in Germany along with Valerio Adami. This explains the canvases he offers, powerfully structured, not to say inhabited. These are canvases of a complete artist, tremendously gifted, capable of deeply leaving his mark on his time. During the second semester of 2020, our Art Centre will dedicate him a great monographic exhibition.