Michel Bez "Emblemata Sacra" Exhibition

Michel Bez “Emblemata Sacra” exhibition

from 26 September to 14 November 2015 (extended to 5 December 2015)

Michel Bez “Emblemata Sacra” exhibition gives pride of place to the artist who was long seen as one of the forty Peintres officiels de la marine. Moreover he chaired this prestigious brotherhood from 2002 to 2015. As such, he participated in many exhibitions, both in France and foreign countries. But one cannot conceal that since 2010, as he denounced the idea of a painting deemed “too commercial”, this artist profoundly cultured made every effort to sign work with a new strictness. Thus ex-voto, angels, Virgins, saints, Christs–sometimes flayed but always with a beating heart–were born. In fact, the paintings are deeply beautiful, patiently made with small paintbrushes… As would work the soul surgeon he wanted to be.

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